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Marcy Pusey is an award-winning author of several bestselling books for adults and children, and the Founder of Miramare Ponte Press. She is an international two-time TEDx speaker and her two TEDx talks, “How Story Empowers Kids to Shape our World” & “You Are More Than Your Traumatic Experiences”, have garnered international attention. With her passion for storytelling and her commitment to uplifting others, Marcy loves to inspire her readers with powerful tales that touch the heart and stir the soul. She also enjoys helping fellow authors pursue their writing dreams by providing them with coaching, consultation, and publishing services.

Marcy is proud to lead a life of adventure. She’s tossed pizzas for a pizzeria, sang in a musical, advocated for families with special needs, made appearances in a few movies, and mimed with balloon animals at the Halifax Busker Festival. She’s also the mother of four humans and two pups.

publisher, author, therapist, coach, speaker

What makes us different?

Marcy has spent her whole life helping others. Through her work as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and Certified Trauma and Resilience Practitioner, she helps people discover the emotional tools and support they need to grow beyond trauma and embrace their lives to the fullest. 

That's why, at Miramare Ponte Press, we’re not just a publishing company, we’re a community. We host retreats and share tips and tricks helping authors connect with each other and grow their skills. We believe that publishing success is achievable for every writer, and we’re committed to helping authors realize their dreams.

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Gary Williams | Business & Mindset Coach

Founder of Better Future International. He’s our book business strategist, author journey and purpose coach, and basically the reason we get anything done. He serves our clients with optional strategy calls for building their author business and identity, as well as a coach on our Pen to Paradise writing retreats.

Berlyn Komar | Digital Marketing Specialist

Founder of Planted Marketing. Berlyn is a Digital Marketing Consultant who specializes in small business organic growth and content marketing. She encourages brands to grow organically, be themselves, and build a community of lifelong customers. Berlyn is our press release and distribution guru! 

Jessica Williams | Project Manager

Jessica’s experiences have shaped a unique blend of administrative skills, empathy, and appreciation for the power of storytelling and connection. Her heart swells when others light up with excitement about their passions. She is dedicated to turning your publishing visions into reality. 

Elaine H. R. | Copy Editor

Elaine serves our clients with top-notch editing on multiple levels (primarily copy and proof) to help our authors have the most professional, engaging, publish-ready text. She's often the second set of eyes on each of our books!

Myles Holar | Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, Customer Support

Myles is a Digital Creator and Founder of Collabor8 VA where she facilitates virtual assistance services for businesses, including ours!

With 10 years experience as a Customer Support Representative, she became a Virtual Assistant.

Morgan Lee Clasper | Copywriter

Morgan is a freelance copywriter and independent fantasy author who has over three years of experience in the publishing industry. He’s worked alongside New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors to craft beautiful blurbs, engaging author bios, and eye-catching sales copy.

Our Team

Our Illustrators

Our illustrator team is made up of tried and true, ridiculously talented artists. We are fortunate to have such skill available to us for your picture book! We also partner with other trusted illustrator teams to get your high-quality illustrations into the hands of kiddos.

Check out some of the other children’s books we’ve helped publish (through coaching, consultation, editing, and publishing services.)

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Miramare Ponte Press is a publishing company with a mission to provide a publishing experience that empowers writers. At Miramare Ponte Press, we believe that every author deserves to retain complete control and ownership of their work. That’s why we offer a publishing experience that gives authors 100% of the rights to their work, allows them to keep all of their royalties, and provides full transparency and access to all author assets.

As a publishing company, we understand that many writers have been scammed, losing money, time, and energy in the pursuit of publishing. That’s why we offer a range of services to help authors overcome every obstacle on their journey to publishing success.

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"Working with Marcy was a DREAM! Not only is she a skilled editor, but she is also incredibly thoughtful as a coach and mentor. She truly takes pleasure in helping others’ dreams of being published come true."

- Kristin Dooley |

"I absolutely loved working with Marcy. She is so kind, thoughtful and patient! I was quite nervous going into self-publishing, which I knew nothing about, but she gently walked me through it every step of the way."

- Venus Martinez-Sharp | 

"Marcy was there to help me from start to finish on my children’s veterinary book series. I really appreciate how personal, yet honest she is. I want a good finished product, and Marcy helped me achieve that."



- Casi Van Dyke | 

Author of the Veterinary Adventure Series

TEDx Speaker & Best-Selling, Award-Winning Author

How Story Empowers Kids to Shape Our World. Connecting to these stories we heard as children help us forge our future path. Stories can provide healing as well as a creative outlet.

So this is my challenge, use pens, hope, and words to ignite and nurture the potential of our children, and ourselves. Reach a kid through story, and you will change the world.

Persuasive writing and story opened doors for me as a child. I didn’t have enough support around me to help me walk through that door, so my early careers went in a different direction.

However, over time I circled back around and now I coach people on how to share their stories. I help adults, and children, stoke their creativity.

sharing your stories can impact the world

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