Children's Book Editing

We’ve heard people say, “Well if all else fails in life, I’ll just write picture books.”

This is the quickest way to discover whether someone knows anything about children’s book writing.

Picture book writing is, in our opinion, and that of many other children’s writers and publishers, the most challenging form of storytelling.

You have less than 1000 words to tell a story that is engaging, marketable, and well-crafted to be bought by adults but read to children. Catch that? You have to appeal to the buying adult and capture the child’s heart at the same time. It’s not easy, and that’s why we’re here to help.

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"I couldn’t have finished the whole book publishing process without Marcy’s help! She is a great resource and wealth of information. I had her assistance in critiquing my final draft as well as a bit of formatting. She also knows some terrific people who helped put the final touches on my book. Don’t hesitate to enlist Marcy’s help!"

"Marcy helped me with editing my middle-grade chapter book, and she was professional with her suggestions and corrections. She understands not only editing but what kids can handle at what age, which words to use to keep them comfortable as well as which words to use to expand their vocabulary. I would recommend Marcy to anyone who writes for children of any age as she is a great partner for your manuscript."

Allyson Kearns | Author of Olive and Pink

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Manuscript with 1K – 10K words

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Manuscript with 1K words or less

includes initial edit and revisions

Children's Book Editing Packages

  • Two editors! Every book gets the two first revisions with expert children’s editor, Bethany. The final revision and proof edit is completed by Marcy. This is unique! Most editors work as individuals, not teams. This means your book gets two sets of eyes and experience.
  • We do three rounds of editing. The first round includes content and line-by-line editing. This involves suggestions for cuts, changes, and comments on what’s working well and what can be improved from an overall theme and structure perspective. The second round includes any ongoing content editing in response to the author’s revisions, as well as copy editing. The final round is proof editing, to make sure any final typos are resolved before publishing. This round makes sure your text is publish-ready.
  • If you are self publishing and hope to contribute quality literature to an established market, we will point out traditional market standards and ways you can grow your book to be as good as possible!
  • If you are traditionally publishing, we will include comments related to your work that we know the publishing houses look for (both to acquire and reject).
  • We establish the book into the standard 28 scenes/page spreads (if this isn’t already done).
  • We set it up as a professional manuscript, with front and end matter included.
You will know your strengths and concern areas when we’ve completed our critique. You will receive a one-page analysis or a video recording of our feedback, in addition to changes and comments made to your digital manuscript. And of course, we’ll answer any clarifying questions you might have with the feedback we give. We will have this back to you within ten business days.

What's Included?

before booking be sure to check our fees and fine points!

Please see below if you would like a children’s book edit. Our time is limited, and we take these on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
  • Manuscripts should be submitted as Microsoft Word (doc or .docx) or Pages (.pages) files. Manuscripts must be 1000 words or less. (The fee increases for 1000+ words. See packages below).
  • A children’s book editing package with 3 revisions is $325. A children’s book editing package over 1000 words is $500.
  • The first revision is a 10-business-day turnaround from the date your book is scheduled in the editing calendar. We’re often faster, but it depends on the condition of your manuscript and our editing workload. We hold to a 10-business-day turnaround for the next revisions as well, but these are often much quicker. If you’d like an expedited service, send us a message.
  • When you sign up, you will be asked to schedule your book in our editing calendar. *This is not a call* It simply puts your manuscript in our editing queue.
  • If you have multiple books needing editing, please follow the steps for each book separately.
  • Any book that is re-written in the editing process is treated as a new edit and requires a new editing package.
*Please Note* We do not work on poetry books. If you’re writing in rhyme, you are also writing poetry and need to understand everything about how to do that well. Everything. Not just syllables and not just whether words sound alike. Please review this tutorial on writing in rhyme/poetry for children. If you can’t master this process, write in prose (and then we’re happy to help!)

We look forward to working with you and your book!

Fees, Fine Points, and the Need-to Knows 

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