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We are a partner for storytellers on a holistic journey. We address both the practical and emotional aspects of writing and publishing.

Turn Your Writing Dreams into a Published Reality with Miramare Ponte Press, Your Partner From Pen to Print.

Don't let the dream of seeing your book in the hands of readers pass you by..

Writing a book doesn't have to be a stressful experience. With our support, you can enjoy the process of bringing your story to life without feeling overwhelmed.


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Miramare Ponte Press is unique in that we offer an empathetic, psychologically-informed approach, aiding authors in overcoming any internal obstacles such as mindset, fear, and insecurity.

Retain all of your control, ownership, and rights

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With Miramare Ponte Press, you will...

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The proof is in the 100% publishing rate for our authors. Your story matters. Let us help you tell it, no matter how difficult.

From presidents, actors & actresses, to Ms. Chile and Nascar drivers, to international Christian leaders and the 80 year old wants to dust off her stories... 
We get your stories into the world.

At Miramare Ponte Press we empower writers on their journey to authorship.

Our team guides you through the intricacies of publishing and marketing, as well as the emotional journey of writing and publishing. 

Run by a TEDx speaker certified in trauma and resilience, Miramare Ponte Press is your dedicated partner in overcoming writing and mindset challenges.




 Let's kickstart the journey with a personalized Discovery Session. We'll dive into your book idea, aspirations, and unique voice. Our expert team will unravel the potential of your story, helping us understand how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Congratulations, your masterpiece is ready! We take care of the intricate details of publishing and guide you through the process of getting your book out to the world. From selecting the right distribution channels to creating effective marketing strategies, our team is by your side. We aim not only to publish your book but to empower you for sustained success.

With your vision illuminated, it's time to bring your book to life. Our seasoned team of writers, editors, and designers will collaborate closely with you, crafting and refining your manuscript. From formatting to cover design, we handle every aspect of production. This step is designed to empower you, providing the support needed to transform your ideas into a compelling, market-ready book.

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 Published and Selling

Crafting Your Vision into Reality

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Often the joy of writing a book arises from the storytelling itself. The skills required to create that engaging, uplifting tale are very different from the skills necessary to negotiate contracts with illustrators and designers. Different yet is the skill set required to publish your book.

Publishing a book can seem daunting if you're unfamiliar with the process. That's why we're here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless, efficient process from drafting to publishing. Our team has collectively published 23+ award-winning, best-selling books, spanning children’s books to memoir to adult nonfiction to YA.

Will your story be next?

Miramare Ponte Press is your one-stop solution for effortless book creation and publishing!

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Inside you'll find: 22 steps from book idea to published and selling, tutorial videos and articles, insider secrets to help your book stand out from the rest, an all-in-one publishing strategy you can trust!

Done For You Publishing

From draft to finished product, in this done-for-you package everything is handled for you by an experienced award-winning, best-selling author, self-publisher, and her team.

All you need to do is draft your story, and you can leave the production and publication details to us. You keep all of the rights and royalties!

It’s never been so easy to become a published author.

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Done With You Publishing

They say if you teach a person to fish, you feed them for a lifetime. We say, teach a person to publish and they’ll feed the world beyond their lifetime.

This consultation package is like your bestie taking your hand and guiding you through the entire publishing process, from start to publish. This is where we work ourselves out of a job and teach you everything we know.

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Finish Your Book Academy

Are you tired of being stuck in the endless loop of starting your book, only to get distracted or procrastinate? Do you feel you have a story to tell, but struggle with doubt and creative blocks?

Get your book written! You’ll have a certified therapist and expert story coach to help you craft your story, empower your voice, and write that “someday” book in 8 weeks.

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Not writing for children? Every story matters, and yours is no  exception.

Miramare Ponte Press is dedicated to empowering authors to overcome writing and mindset challenges. Our trauma-minded team helps authors navigate the logistics of publishing and marketing, as well as the emotional journey of writing and publishing. We assist authors in overcoming fears, doubts, and confusion to bravely bring books into the world. We are a guide, offering support and solutions to authors who may feel overwhelmed by the publishing process, technology, and associated expenses.