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Start Your Story Bootcamp


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Power Hour 1:1 Call with Marcy Pusey


Join me in this 2-day pre-recorded challenge where we’ll talk through how to structure your story so that it's consumable, impactful, and satisfies the calling on your soul to get that story into the world.

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Use this hour with Marcy in whatever way you'd like! Pick her brain, get some work done together, or get personalized feedback on your project!

The Writer's Block Community

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The one-stop shop for networking, getting personal feedback, group coaching, and exclusive resources for your writing, illustrating, & publishing?

7 Day Picture Book Idea to Draft Challenge


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The Author AI Workshop Series


My proven method for getting your picture book idea to a written draft that’s ready for an editor in a week or less. How to write a story that children love and adults want to buy.

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Three Action-Oriented Workshops to Save Time & Money Using AI to Overcome Writing Challenges, Create Publishing Assets, and Market Your Book.

The Start Your Story Bootcamp


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In this 2-day workshop you will spend 90 minutes with Marcy where you'll: Learn how to craft your story, Refine it to be consumable and impactful, and Get that your story into the world!

The Author AI Toolkit

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Join Marcy Pusey, Best-selling author, Trauma-Certified Story Coach, Founder of Miramare Ponte Press, and Gary Williams, Best-selling author, Business and Mindset Coach, Founder of Better Future International.

Are you an author eager to embrace the power of AI but unsure where to start? Publishing a book is a demanding journey, and AI could be your game-changer. The clock is ticking, costs are piling up, and you're focused on your true passion—writing. But AI is a maze; you haven't had the time, guidance, or the strategy to dive in. Well, now you do.

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Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Maryland, Pen to Paradise offers an unparalleled escape for writers seeking transformation and inspiration. This is your escape and your sanctuary—a place where creativity flourishes, profound progress on your book is made, connections with other like-minded writers ignite, and the guidance from expert coaches you need removes every barrier to moving forward. 

Our serene haven boasts a meandering creek, a reflection trail, a suspension footbridge, and enchanting trails that beckon you to explore. This is more than a writing retreat; it's a respite.

October 4-7, 2024

Pen to Paradise Retreat