With her passion for storytelling and her commitment to uplifting others, Marcy loves to inspire her readers with powerful tales that touch the heart and stir the soul. She also enjoys helping fellow authors pursue their writing dreams by providing them with coaching, consultation, and publishing services.

Marcy Understands the Writing and Publishing Journey, Because She's Been There.

Speranza’s Sweater: One Child’s Journey Through Foster Care and Adoption 

Speranza wears her sweater everywhere, hanging onto the last memories of her birth home, until it’s threadbare. Like her unraveled sweater, Speranza must weave together a new story, bringing threads from her past and strands from her present, into a new future of love, family, and the true meaning of home.

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There are many “voices” in the world telling us that we’re “too much” of this or “too much” of that. Sometimes the voices say that we’re “not enough” of this or “not enough” of that. If we believe these messages, we miss out on living out the wonder and beauty of being exactly who we were made to be.

We miss out on being “Just right.”

Thus begins the story of a wild turkey chick who is abnormally strong…Herculean strong. In the midst of ridicule, Tercules must find the beauty of his uniqueness and discover that he can be different and complete. His strength comes to great use, revealing the treasure of his difference, and proving to all that he is an integral member of his flock family.

Tercules helps children navigate their own journey of understanding their strengths and perceived weaknesses, guiding them to find their perfect place in the world and in their families. This story also introduces young children to adjectives and alliteration using fun repetition.

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According to Corban

In Corban’s imagination, kitchens are troll’s lairs, backyards are jungles, and bedrooms are launching pads to Mars. Little sisters can be princesses, witches, or sometimes, just the partner needed to save the day. In According to Corban, even the most mundane tasks turn into exotic adventures. But when the queen turns into a dragon, Corban discovers a surprising hero. Read the text and enjoy the illustration to see the world through Corban’s eyes… then flip the page to see what’s REALLY going on!

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Bathtime Magic

Making his second appearance since his best-selling debut in According to Corban, the imaginative Corban is at it again! In Bath Time Magic, Corban must fool his parents into believing he hates baths to keep them from learning his secret: his tub is magical. 

Join him on a bath time adventure as his magical tub plops him into shark-infested seas, raging rivers and waterfalls, and favorite games with his ocean friends. But when the ocean swirls and twirls a cyclone, will Corban escape to make it back to his bathroom before mom shows up?

This is the second book in the According to Corban series.

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Weirdo and Willy

Willy is taunted by his classmates for being weird—for the way he dresses, what he eats, and the things he likes to do. One day, a “Weirdo” actually shows up in response to their name-calling. The creature wants to play! Thus begins a tale of unlikely friendship: Weirdo and Willy find the companionship they’ve been missing in the most unlikely of people… er, creatures. Taunters beware! You never know what might actually show up!

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Published Books for Adults

Overcoming Writer’s Block: The Writer’s Guide to Beating the Blank Page

Do you often find yourself stuck in front of a blank page? Are you desperate to reclaim your inspiration and creativity? Or do you want to beat impostor syndrome and finally feel like a writer? Then keep reading.

Filled to the brim with authentic advice, personal anecdotes, and practical strategies for defeating the dreaded blinking cursor, this fascinating book invites you to join award-winning author, seasoned publishing coach, and TEDx speaker Marcy Pusey as she explores the dastardly tricks that your brain uses to keep you from writing – and how to beat them.

Building on her geeky love of neurology and personality science, Marcy demystifies the 5 major types of creative blocks, providing readers with a collection of paradigm-shifting strategies for unlocking their inner motivation and getting their creative juices flowing.

Perfect for any aspiring or established author who’s struggling with inspiration or wrestling with impostor syndrome, Overcoming Writer’s Block offers you a clear and concise path to the nuts and bolts behind writing, so you can tailor a personalized cure that will have you breezing through your manuscript.

The Abundance of Less: A Social Experiment of Not Buying Anything New for One Year

Studies have shown that excessive amounts of clutter rob us of joy, peace, and rest,giving us instead, stress and anxiety, less sleep, lowered productivity, and diminished overall wellness.

In 2010, Marcy looked around her house, surrounded by all the clutter, and felt ill. She realized that they’d been stuck in a cycle of consumerism—swept into a culture of convenience without any awareness of it, and knew that something had to change.

At first, this journey was not easy, but over time they discovered many benefits, including an increased level of well-being, more meaning in life, and a deeper appreciation for what they already had.

The Abundance of Less has the answer to break away from this cycle of more. In this book, Marcy bares all about their journey, outlining not only the successes, but the failures too. This book will leave you questioning whether what you’re holding onto in life is really that important, and in turn, will lead you to find your own path to happiness.

Finding the Wholeness, Community, and Meaning that Money Couldn’t Buy

Reclaiming Hope: Overcoming the Challenges of Parenting Foster And Adopted Children

Raising adopted and foster kids can be a strain on your marriage, your family, your finances and even your health.

Are you tired of pretending you’ve got it all together? You are not alone.

This book is for the parents who question their decision to foster or adopt, who feel beaten down by the judgments of others and themselves, and who deal with regret, loss, and disappointment. It’s for those hoping to be better prepared for the adoptive struggles ahead.

In this book I show you how to name these challenges, make informed decisions, and to experience hope in the mess, while enjoying the new life and family you’re creating.

I share with you the lessons my family has learned along the way, the problems that have nearly flattened us, and the way we’ve seen, and continue to hope for, good in each one.

Whether you are considering foster parenting or adopting, or are already in it and drowning, or you just want to throw a lifesaver to a foster parenting/adoptive friend or family member, then this book is your must-read resource.

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Parenting Children of Trauma: The Foster-Adoption Guide to Understanding Attachment Disorder

Marcy Pusey demystifies attachment disorders, the impact of complex emotional trauma on our homes, and addresses current treatment options. This book will help the hurting adoptive family realize they are not alone in their desire to raise healthy kids and reclaim a healthy home. Marcy Pusey raised kids with AD and therapeutically supported families as well.

This book is for the wonderful-hearted people who stepped into adoption with dreams of loving a child to wholeness, only to find that children who hurt sometimes hurt people. This book is for parents who feel overwhelmed, desperate, and depleted. Or for the friend or family member who has watched the adoption story of their loved one unravel and felt helpless.

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While We Slept: Finding Hope and Healing After Homicide

On July 13, 2005, newlyweds Marcy and Jeremy woke up to the murder of his mother— just down the hall—while they’d slept.

In this evocative book, Marcy and Jeremy Pusey bring you straight into the heart of their survival story, sharing the hope they found with the shock and anguish of their family tragedy.

This gripping work chronicles the grief journey of the newlyweds, tackles the nature of forgiveness, and shows how they moved through their pain to change the world. Their story demonstrates how faith can move mountains of resentment and hate to rebuild a life of healing, reconciliation, and joy.

While We Slept is a eulogy for a missed mother, a legacy for her children and grandchildren, and a lighthouse of hope for anyone else flailing through a tragedy. This book is not only the story of one mind-boggling murder, but also about how we can find courage in trauma, forgiveness in devastation, and how we can triumph after heartbreak.

And then there’s hope.

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(*Note that only the print book contains the original news articles, used with permission.)

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