Your story deserves to be told.

Do you have a great book idea or written story that you don’t know what to do with? 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the idea of editing, formatting, structuring, and finally publishing you book all by yourself?

Has your book “baby” been rejected over and over? Or worse, have you been convinced you don’t have what it takes to write and publish books?

Have you ever wondered if you’re skilled enough, smart enough, or talented enough to write and publish?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you’ve come to the right place...

that's why I am here, to teach you what I know...

You ARE good enough, talented enough, and smart enough to fulfill your dream. Editors and agents don’t get to decide that for you. The companies who made you unkept promises don’t define you. I’m going to save you the thousands of dollars and hours I’ve spent to learn everything I know.

You’re going to finish your time with me and my team as a published author. You’ll have greater confidence in your ability to write, publish, and make money on your book. And you won’t have to get there alone.

Miramare Ponte Press is your dedicated partner from pen to print.

The Done With You Publishing Package

starts at $3497

They say if you teach a person to fish, you feed them for a lifetime. We say, teach a person to publish and they’ll feed the world beyond their lifetime. Our experienced team guides you through the intricacies of publishing and marketing, as well as the emotional journey of writing and publishing. 

This consultation package is like your bestie taking your hand and guiding you through the entire publishing process, from start to publish. This is where we work ourselves out of a job and teach you everything we know.

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  • 6 Personalized hour-long consultation calls over 6 months (this is flexible if the author needs a different pace) to get your book from point A to published!
  • Personal manuscript critique, feedback, and three rounds of editing (up to 25K words, $.05/word after).
  • Tutorial videos as needed (so that our calls are action-oriented and not teaching-based).
  • A step-by-step checklist for each action step beginning with where you now through published (and a bit beyond!)
  • Access to my Network.
  • Templates as needed.
  • Everything you need, simplified, and with an experienced award-winning, best-selling author and self-publisher.

You will finish this consultation experience having saved a ton of time and money, greater confidence, the tools to succeed now and for every future book, the published-author status, finally impacting others as you’ve always dreamed, together with an experienced writer and publisher.

What's included in the done with you package:

  • A professionally written Press Release and distribution to 1000+ media outlets
  • A strategy call with a Business and Mindset coach for building your author business
  • A strategy call with a Brand Therapist / Marketing Coach 
  • Offset bulk printing
  • Done-4-You Book Marketing

Possible post-publishing add-ons:

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Done With You Publishing

Done For You Publishing

Everything you need, simplified. You will finish this consultation experience with greater confidence, the tools to succeed now and for every future book.

An award-winning, best-selling author, self-publisher, and her team coach you through writing and publishing your book.

6 Personalized hour-long consultation calls over 6 months to get your book from point A to published!

Personal manuscript critique, feedback, and three rounds of editing

Uploading and Submitting to Amazon and IngramSpark for Publishing with Amazon, retailers, and libraries plus a print copy sent to the Library of Congress!

Everything is handled for you by an experienced award-winning, best-selling author and her team.

Your feedback will be involved along the way, but you leave the production and publication to us.

Story editing, formatting (including for ebook!), story illustration, and strategic cover design done for you

book the done with you package

book your done for you package

starting at $3497

starting at $8597

Without Marcy Pusey my stories/words wouldn’t have had come to life as they have and I would still be struggling with the fear of writing for kids. Marcy is kind, direct, helpful, creative, intuitive, and fair. With her tireless patience, she is forever inspiring me to create my words as an experience. Thank you Marcy for being on my team. You are a gem! And thank you for helping me fulfill a childhood dream of writing kids picture books.

Author of The Adventures of Ms. Addie Pants Series

- Wendy Van de Poll

Marcy is beyond a breath of fresh air. She is a guiding light with a wonderful manner, patience, and an understanding nature. The process of creating a book isn’t straight forward, but Marcy gives you the motivation required to break through hurdles that would bring most down. I’ve never felt alone in this process; I’m so grateful for her knowledge and commitment throughout. 

Author of The Panda Who Loves Bamboo, Creator of Happy Me

- Jason Neal

Marcy was there to help me from start to finish on my children’s veterinary book series. I really appreciate how personal, yet honest she is. I want a good finished product, and Marcy helped me achieve that. Her experience and knowledge in the children’s book industry, as well as her many contacts, make her a valuable resource to have as a children’s book author. I will continue to have her edit my children’s books in the future. Thank you, Marcy, for a job well done!

Author of the Veterinary Adventure Series

- Casi Van Dyke

Every story matters, and yours is no exception. We believe in the value of your knowledge and experiences, and we're committed to helping you share them with the world. Miramare Ponte Press is not just a publisher; we are a partner for authors on a holistic journey, our focus is on empowering authors to shine brightly where they've been planted and make a meaningful impact with their stories.

The Finish Your Book Academy is an 8-week program designed to help you complete your book. We'll meet weekly to discuss any roadblocks and walk you through the next steps of writing your book. With expert story coaches and access to a supportive community, you'll have the guidance and accountability you need to keep moving forward.

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Enjoy the process of writing your book without feeling overwhelmed...

need guidance & support in your book writing journey

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Every story matters, and yours is no exception.

Miramare Ponte Press is dedicated to empowering authors to overcome writing and mindset challenges. Our trauma-minded team helps authors navigate the logistics of publishing and marketing, as well as the emotional journey of writing and publishing. We assist authors in overcoming fears, doubts, and confusion to bravely bring books into the world. We are a guide, offering support and solutions to authors who may feel overwhelmed by the publishing process, technology, and associated expenses.